A night of Q&A with Bwana Spoons

FOE hosts their first ever crazy fun experimental Q & A.  Random questions can be dropped in the skull on the desk up to Thursday December 13th 8:00 pm.  A question will be pulled, read, and then Bwana is free to pass, answer, rant, ridicule, tell funny stories or really, do anything he wants.  Any follow-up questions will be fielded from the crowd and the same rules apply.  There will be about 10 or so seats, a cushion and plenty of floor seating.  Feel free to bring your own pillow or folding chair or just stand in the back.  No refreshments will be served, but you can bring a bevy or snack.  If you bring some stinky food or piss us off, we’re going to tell you, politely.  This should rock.  Do your part.