Monster Triple Feature

May 5- June 6. Opening reception Friday May 10th 6-9pm

You’ve seen it before.  Childhood fascinations turn into adult collections.  Or, for some determined and talented children, future creative careers are built on those same influences.  The artists in our upcoming show share an appreciation for the monstrous. 2D and 3D works have been created by artists local to international, that pays homage to young fears and curiosities and reminds us to stay true to our dreams.  FOE is all about building a business on what we love most.


Peter Nguyen, Shawn McManus, Ricky Wilson (Velocitron), Joe Merrill (Splurrt), Naritada Shintani (Elegab), Adam Saul (Cop A Squat Toys), Jeff Lamm, Michael Nordstrom, Michael Martindell, Michael Skattum, Michael Bracco George Reyes & Y-MSF


As part of the show we have 2 exclusives lined up and expect 1 more to come.


We’ve recently began working with Japanese designer Y-MSF.  At the event we’ll be releasing Flying Hedorah in pink and green Fumiaki Kawakami.  They come with 2 omake of Hedorah  in various states.  They are limited to 10 each and will be $58 a piece.