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August 13, 2012

Summers Cauldron available for purchase online

Thanks for all your support.  It was a new experience for us to do lottery and an email list when it went online.  Went well and thanks for all your support.  Remaining pieces, as well as getting a chance to see all the work, can now be found in the shop.


July 13, 2012

1000 Days of Drawing: An Interview with Chris Piascik about his new book

Chris Piascik 100 days of drawing

Chris Piascik does a drawing every day, Monday through Friday and posts it on his website .  To date,1147 and counting.  Take a minute to contemplate that.  Whatever you think this book might be, it’s bigger and badder than you imagine.  First, there’s the rare good fortune of 1000 days of sound mind and body.  Then there’s the determination and perseverance to complete something you set out to do, regardless of any and all things that can happen over 3+ years.  And the biggest, baddest thing of all, is the completely engaging, honest and human narrative of this illustrated documentation. This book is a glimpse into the character of the illustrator that is Chris Piascik and I am in awe.

July 11, 2012

The Beatles, Otaku, Art and the Sacred: the Toby Barnes Interview

Artist Toby Barnes settled into Amherst a few years ago and will be part of our LOOK II local group show opening Friday, July 13th.  Toby was kind enough to agree to an email and in person interview. We begin with a discussion about Toby’s painting, The Sidekick Lounge (pictured with the photograph of The Beatles that inspired it).